About Tendius

What is it?

tendius.net represents the current contests of public procurements that are published by the national institutions of the countries of the European Union for the acquirement of products and services. This free exchange of information between the Member States of the Community is governed by the EU directive of 12 December 2006, directive of the European Parliament and the Council 2006/123/EB concerning services in the internal market.

tendius.net is a smart automatic search system which provides standartized and efficient forms of search system and has wide possibilities of exact identification and search of the most suitable public procurement offer.

For whom is it?

tendius.net is aimed at companies that aim to win the competitions of products‘ and services‘ provision in the EU countries. This kind of system stores state orders that are published by all the institutions of countries of the EU.

What is the benefit?

The subscription to tendius.net lets you see all current national contests published by the countries of the EU.

By grouping the data according to the fields of activity (classificator of the EU) and countries you can find the most suitable option of contest for you.

It is a great opportunity to expand the business abroad and choose the most profitable offer from more than 1200 published daily.

Successful national EU orders recognised internationally create the reliability and solidity for the company.