Establishment of a Qualification System for Corporate Finance Advice. - 420338

An Post is seeking to establish a Qualification System (panel) from which suitable suppliers will be selected for the provision of Corporate Finance Advice as requirements arise over the next 5 years. Interested candidates are required to download, complete and return the attached PQQ document. The questionnaires will be evaluated in accordance with the published Selection Criteria and candidates who are successfully pre-qualified will be appointed to the Qualification System. An Post will select suppliers from the Qualification System to participate in tenders for future contracts/framework agreements outlined in the scope of the Qualification System, as requirements arise. Additional information in relation to how the Qualification System will operate is contained in the attached Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) document. The qualification system will remain open for five years until 31.8.2022. During this time candidates may submit their completed Pre-Qualification Questionnaire for evaluation, and additional suppliers may be added to the qualification system. While the qualification system will remain open for five years, An Post has an immediate requirement which is due to be tendered in the near future. Candidates who are interested in participating in this first tender process must submit their completed PQQ by 12:00 hrs Thursday 31.8.2017. This notice shall be deemed to be the sole notice for a call for competition. Response deadline (Irish time). Participation in this first tender process — completed PQQ must be submitted by 12:00 pm on 31.8.2017. Participation in future tenders — completed PQQ may be submitted by 12:00 pm on 1.8.2022.

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