Qualification system for maintenance dredging works at Rosslare Europort, Co. Wexford, Ireland. - 315505

This is a call to competition by IE for the procurement and establishment of a Qualification System for Maintenance Dredging Works at Rosslare Europort, Co. Wexford. The scope of works to be provided under this Qualification system is detailed below; The works will comprise maintenance dredging of up to 160 000m of coarse sand and up to 90 000m of fine silt-clay material from the Approach Channel, Turning Circle and Inner Harbour at Rosslare Europort. The proposed maintenance dredging works will be undertaken over the duration of the qualification system. It is envisaged that the works will be carried out by a trailer suction hopper dredger in individual campaigns, dredging between 50 000m and 100 000m of material. The exact quantities and locations for dredging will be predetermined by hydrographic surveys to be conducted in advance of the individual tenders for the dredging works and the available budgets at the time. The coarse sand dredged will be re-used as beach nourishment at Rosslare Strand while the fine silt-clay material will be disposed of in the off-shore dumpsite. The purpose of the Qualification system, the subject of this competition, is to invite applications from suitably qualified companies to participate in the Pre- Qualification process to establish a qualification system Maintenance Dredging Works that may arise at Rosslare Europort. The Qualification System will operate for a 3-year period. Under this proposed arrangement, dredging requirements will be tendered individually on a call-off basis to those Contractors appointed to this Qualification system. However there is no undertaking given by IE that all of the works outlined above will be tendered under this Qualification system. IE may at its discretion and where considered appropriate use alternative procurement options for such works. A Pre-Qualification Questionnaire is also attached to this notice and a hard copy must be completed and returned as directed.

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