Terms of use

The system can be used by legal people. VAT invoices are issued for the companies.

We commit to guarantee the functionality of the system during all the period of subscription. The system does not send any files and no programs or extensions are required to install because all the information is provided at the web page www.tendius.net

The descriptions, conditions and specifications of the contests of public procurements are published in accordance with the Common Procurement Vocabulary's (CVP) classification codes of activity areas and types.

The conditions of competitions are published in the national languages of the countries of the EU community, so that the procurement specialists of the selling companies have to take care of the exact translations. All the responsibility for the accuracy of the published information is with the purchasing organization that published this information.

You can use the information of tendius.net system obtained freely and without limitation assuming full responsibility for the possible consequences.

Read more about the responsibilities in the "Rules of the web page tendius.net"